About Dr. Monica Michel

Dr. Monica Michel

Board Certified Family physician in the USA and Canada.

Dr. Michel is a highly respected for her expertise in treating and empowering women. She believes in helping every woman reveal her inner beauty.

“I want to bring out the confidence in you”-Monica Michel, MD

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Prevent and treats the obvious signs of aging.

Dermal Fillers

Restores the natural look of youth by adding volume where it has been lost.


Dermal injection to eliminate submental fat (Double Chin).

Incontilase Laser Therapy

Laser therapy for stress and/or mixed urinary incontinence.


“I am grateful and relieved to have found Laser treatment for Stress Urinary Incontinence.”-Carole

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“I highly recommend this procedure performed by Dr Michel not only for her expertise with the treatment but also the environment she creates.”-Deesha

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“I would highly recommend Dr. Monica Michel to do your lip enhancment treatment.”-Tara

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“The results were great, I felt confident and happy with my new plumped up lips =D. Thanks Monica..”-MF

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